arbitri elegantiarum


,,(Arbiter of Elegance, translated.)

It’s that magical day: Doom’s birthday and Cacowards day. It was such an honor to write again this year, especially with such treasures for maps to write about! I wanted to take this opportunity to fully express some things I couldn’t in my too-short word counts for my write-ups, plus my takes on a couple other things.

Eviternity: I’m incredibly humbled by how much gratitude I’ve been greeted with for this article, by the devs and some of the community. I had fallen in love with this mapset from first playthrough, and having gotten to know many of the mappers and contributors to the project, I couldn’t help but feel compelled to write the article, if only to show my gratitude for a mapset that, at its core, encompasses all the things that made me fall in love with Doom as a younger teen. It’s a shining example of what can happen when people come together with a shared passion and vision, and I couldn’t be prouder of all involved. THANK YOU GUYS.

Slaughter Spectrum: I’ve gushed plenty about this mapset in the past but it wasn’t until I streamed it in the past couple weeks I came back to a true appreciation for the deep-rooted feeling of peace that would come over me once I’d slayed the demons of the maps. Especially Void Noir, sitting on the staircases and looking at that cold, gray vista washed me in a strange sense of comfort.  Of course, possibly my bias talking, as Bridgeburner has been my mentor and friend for the better part of a year now. The mention in the Roots article makes me quite happy to see, as this mapset broke all definitions of genres and aesthetics previously known. Bridgeburner is blazing trails and I’m so excited to see what happens next. 

Entropy: I was quite surprised by this map and Nirvana’s no-nonsense approach to it as he was explaining it to me and guiding me through it the first time I played it. It shared those Ribbiks-like encounters and aesthetics that felt reminiscent of my very first early encounters with slaughter a la Stardate 20×6, and then later such as Sunlust. His meticulous attention to ensuring difficulties created a good experience for all skill levels was refreshing and appreciated. 

OTEX: The culmination of a 20 year journey and absolutely worth the wait. ukiro has worked incredibly hard on these textures and I could forsee no other person who would be a better fit for Creator of the Year. Thank you, ukiro, for creating textures that will arguably create the next aesthetic renaissance of Doom. I’m beyond impressed with what the community has done with it already and there will no doubt be more incredible things created, thanks to your dedication.

ESPI: We waxed a bit in the Eviternity anniversity stream on the Doom community comradery that has been made possible by Jimmy’s work for Doom, through his music and his Joy of Mapping sessions. He’s been a fixture in the community since the start and has always stood out to be patient, kind, accepting, and dedicated to his craft, all in the name and love of Doom. Thank you, Jimmy, for remaining a shining example of what we should all aspire to be, not just as creators, but as human beings. 

 All in all, I’m beyond happy to see those I care about successful and glad I could have a hand in making it happen. I’m looking forward to what the coming year holds – no doubt many, many good things.


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