The end of the year is fast approaching, and my head’s still quite effectively reeling. I have met so many great people, and accomplished more than I ever thought I could.

I started off the year shy, alone, slinking in the shadows of the servers and communities. Sure, I had my YouTube channel, and I’d written for the Cacowards, but I still didn’t feel like I was where I should be. 

When I blustered into the Hellforge, I finally had a home. Since I’ve been there, the community there has increased thrice-fold, and it’s an absolutely lovely place. We’re all ourselves, little pretense, all fun and love for Doom, and when someone has a bad day we’re there for each other. I hope this trend continues- I love the place, it’s become like a little family to me. 

I’ve grown as a mapper, and it’s culminated with my official announcement of Dancing in the Abyss, my 13-map personal project. Read here. I’m beyond excited to finally have something testable and playable- tangible. It’s not perfect, it will require a lot of work, but I’m excited to at least have something to work on that’s felt like it’s entirely mine.

I would not be where I am today without my friends here. To anyone who has ever sent me feedback on maps, stayed up with me on nights I’ve felt like a failure, sent me words of encouragement, or just been there to laugh and hang out and let me forget the bad things, thank you. I spent so much of my time in previous years just trying to make myself numb to the things I’ve been feeling, but I’ve realized I can no longer do that, if I truly wish to live. It’s not always been easy- it’s quite a double-edged sword, in fact. But I’ve grown from it. And things can only get better from here. 

I’m unsure of when I’ll write next, so if I don’t get the chance- have a happy holiday season! Whatever you celebrate, whoever you celebrate with- tidings to you and yours. I hope to see y’all again soon.


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