Dusk in the devil's Garden

Mapwich 2

Quick Facts

  • Doom 2
  • UDMF Format
  • Coop-compatible
  • Textures used: OTEX

We at the Hellforge have returned with another hearty helping of Mapwich!

Requirements this time around were a little different- we decided to dip into coop mapping, so our UDMF was a little limited due to Zandronum. However, we had OTEX and our creativity at hand to whip up whatever our hearts desired.

I was paired up with Tango, Cacoward-winning author of the GZDoom set Paradise and the Supercharge mod (which also featured in this year’s Mapwich). I didn’t think I could have gotten any luckier, and then we started mapping…

I’ve learned a TON from him about certain ways to detail, especially with outdoor natural areas that I had previously struggled with. I also learned about how to make more inter-connected maps, while still keeping to a somewhat linear route. But what I was most impressed with was his ability to just know what I wanted to do with the map- communication was excellent throughout, and with an agreement on theme right from the start, it made the process a snap- and a great map came through with our personal touches evident through every section.

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