Mappwich, MAP16

Quick Facts

  • Doom 2, MAP16
  • UDMF Format
  • Textures used: Vanilla, Project textures

This map was created for the Mappwich project, started by Bridgeburner on his Discord, the Hellforge. This project consisted of several mappers being pooled together and being put into random pairs to make a map together.

I was paired up with Sparks, who’s created some other cool collaborative projects and maps, most notably in Joy of Mapping 6 with Obsidian.

Sparks created much of the layout of this map, and I detailed it to the best of my ability. Working with him was a fun experience, and this being the first collaborative map I’ve ever done, I think we worked quite well together. 

This is also the first map in which I’ve used slaughter-esque encounters, and I had an absolute blast creating them. 

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