Quick Facts

  • Doom 2, MAP02
  • UDMF Format
  • Textures used: Psytex, Vanilla
  • Custom props from Realm667

My first serious map.  This map is a result of a lost Doomworld forum post about megawads. The joke was that every map in megawads are now just a bunch of square rooms full of Hell Knights. This post birthed the 4800 Hell Knights community project, and this map is my submission to that project. The project unfortunately seems to have been lost as well, but the map remains.

The map underwent several stylistic changes. Originally, it was to be 100% Giger textures, but after realizing that probably won’t be a good idea, I changed the style. The map is now based somewhat on the setting of the fight between Alucard and Luke Valentine in the Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate anime series.

In this mapping project, I learned several things about ACS, integrating custom resources, using MAPINFO to customize the map, and creating my own text graphics. 

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