Mini Maul

'Verse Hopper, E1M4

Quick Facts

  • Doom 2, E1M4
  • UDMF Format
  • Textures used: Vanilla, Project textures, Lasertex

This map is my submission for the ‘Verse Hopping community project on Doomworld, started by my very good friend, Obake the Sincere. I’m adminning the project with him and Jimmy, and I have to say, it’s by far one of the coolest projects I’ve ever gotten to work on, not to mention the most fun. I’ve really gotten to flex my creative side with this project and it’s been an awesome experience!

Some of the inspiration for the level design comes from an anime short titled Me!Me!Me! [NSFW- be careful before looking it up]. An odd place for inspiration, absolutely. However, both the song and the anime short undergo stylistic changes as they go, and I admired the way the changes were visible but still felt incredibly cohesive.

The other source of inspiration for this level was Obake himself. His UAC Enterprise reboot series opened my eyes to many different stylistic possibilities while still remaining very clean and simple. I was overjoyed to be able to map using textures he had made, as I had always found them to be interesting. I fell in love with the purple and red Tetris-style flats he had provided, and they became central to the map’s design and color.

By making this map, I’ve learned new applications of 3D floors, brightmaps, new types of scripting, and… the importance of planning (the hidden parts of the automap will attest to this).

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