Near Death Experiences


Quick Facts

  • Start date: July 2018
  • Formats: UDMF, other
  • Admins: Bridgeburner, Jimmy
  • Textures: varied, mostly OTEX

Near Death Experiences is my most ambitious project to date. It is a community project based on people’s feelings about death and dying- it is as much a sociology experiment as it is a Doom mapping project. 

All my life, I’ve had a certain fascination with death and dying. I know that sounds… psychopathic. However, from the time I was young, I was exposed to the history and sociology of death, starting with ancient Egyptian mummies and mummification. I then took forensic science classes for several years and maintained an interest in the science through my college years.

However, I’ve had some deaths around me recently, most recently my grandfather. Although his death was neither tragic nor unexpected (he lived to 103), the whole effect it had on his family and I was a large eye-opener. I hope to be working more on this project and have it completed by 2020, but I’ve got no set due date as of yet.

I hope you’ll join me for this journey. Discord is probably the best way to keep track of updates on this project.


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