Eagle Mapping Project, MAP04

Quick Facts

  • Doom 2, MAP04
  • BOOM Format
  • Textures used: Vanilla, Project textures

Well, here’s another community project, this time for the Eagle Mapping Project, organized by Aquila Chrysaetos.

The concept of this map is loosely based off of the dilapidated test chambers in the beginning of Portal 2- I loved the way that nature integrated with the tech, and the place still felt so sterile even after vines were covering half of it.

This is the first Boom project I’ve completed. I’d spent so much time working in UDMF format that I never realized just how difficult it can be when your options are more limited. I had to re-learn how to make teleports and sector specials, but it was definitely a fun experience that I’d do again given the chance. Did I mention I also had to make this map in ten days? Heh, yeah. It’s odd how having a timer on builds actually helps me to complete them- I procrastinate really hard on much of my projects so when there’s a date set to complete, it tends to make me hop to it a lot quicker.

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