Technicolor Antichrist Box

Quick Facts

  • Doom 2, MAP01
  • UDMF Format
  • Textures used: OTEx, Zoon, AA, GOTHICTX

Technicolor Antichrist Box is a mad little experiment I started in October 2019 for NaNoWADMo, after finishing my first map for Dancing in the Abyss. I was sent a palette for cyan blues by antares031, and I found myself fascinated with the idea of a pink and blue map- just for fun! Unfortunately, I had other projects waiting after October was over, so I put the map down for a while. When COVID-19 began sweeping the globe in March 2020, I found myself at home a lot more, and with many of my obligations complete, I decided to pick this back up. I found myself happy to be immersed in colors again and worked hard to complete this map.

This map may be colorful and cute, but don’t be fooled- this map is deadly serious. This map uses Supercharge, a mod by tango. I started using the mod in Mapwich 2 and absolutely loved it. The weaponry is a ton of fun to work with and the monster variety spices things up just right.

This map has received a ton of awesome feedback and I’m so glad I decided to finish it to share with you guys. It wasn’t without a lot of help- I had tons of playtesters and mapping mentorship along the way.

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