1K Lines Project 2, E4

Quick Facts

  • Doom 2, E4
  • Vanilla Format
  • Textures used: OTEX

It’s back! 1k Lines has made its second installation and it was, as last time, an absolute pleasure to map for. This time, we were treated to the OTEX texture pack to elevate the aesthetics of our maps. However, that was no easy feat- OTEX wasn’t originally made for vanilla format. Liberation, project leader, worked incredibly hard to make it work, and it’s definitely paid off. Fellow mappers have made incredible things within the project limits.

This entry is shorter and simpler than my last one, with more emphasis on detail than length, definitely a guilty habit that I’ve developed over the year since 1k Lines 1. I also gave myself a couple more mapping limitation- one weapon only.  However, don’t be fooled by the length and limits- this little marble catacomb packs a punch.

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